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This collection’s story is set in Paris on November 15th 2020 at 9pm.

It is a typical fall night. The lights are softly piercing through the darkness of Paris. You hear the sound of the water slowly moving down the Seine river. The traffic creates an oddly appeasing background noise. You are walking your way through the 1er Arrondissement, passing by the Jardins des Tuileries and the Louvres pyramid. You take a seat at Café Marly, where your friends have been waiting for you. You order a glass of champagne and ease into the night. Your friends want to go dancing and you tag along. You forget about your boss giving you too much work, your ex boyfriend texting again and this new guy you just met who seems so hard to get. It all just disappears in the darkness of Paris. It is time to go home. On your way, you stop by your usual place and get some french fries. With lots of Mayo. You stumble your way up to the 4th floor and finally land in your bed with a smile on your face. A perfect night in Paris, enjoying the good things in life with no care in the world.

The bread just jumped out of the toaster with a high pitch noise that brings you back to reality. You’re still in Paris, but alone in your apartment wearing sweatpants. Nutella toasts for dinner is as wild as it gets lately. Back to the cosiness of your couch, you continue dreaming your way back to a normal life, far away from this global pandemic.

Midnight in Paris is Aéryne’s first party collection. It captures the French non-chalence and sophistication. It is timeless with an edge. Sexy but chic.

We have used luxurious fabrics with glittery details : golden jacquard, wool and faux fur, with crystal buttons and fringes as accents. You can find an outfit for any holiday season occasion, from a fancy Christmas dinner with the family to a New Year’s Eve party with friends. After all, nothing prohibits you from dressing up even during these uncertain times. Never underestimate the power of a great outfit!

Photographer: Stella Cocozza

Model nr 1: Madelene de la Motte from KSTING

Model nr 2:Arifi A from Stockholmsgruppen

Hair & Make up: Tove Dalsryd

Location: Göta Lejon


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