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We wanted to launch a few closet essentials with an edge for the first collection of the new AÉRYNE, as a basis for all future collections. The perfect essentials that every power girl needs in her closet. A mix of masculine/feminine, stand-out staples to empower women for all occasions. Most importantly, we decided to bring back a few loved products form AÉRYNE’s archive. There are some novelty in terms of material and colors, paving the way for the entirely new pieces introduced in this March drop.

Since September 2019, we are using an on-demand model, meaning that we only produce our garments when a customer has ordered them. Therefore, we only produce enough to meet the actual demand for a specific product. All garments are produced by women that is working in our Hungarian factories. Most importantly for us, they have ethical working conditions and fair wages. It takes on average 3-5 days to produce a garment on demand. We are convinced that you will feel a little more special knowing that someone put extra love into producing a piece just for you. All good things are worth waiting for!

We only use leftover fabrics and yarns. By doing that, we are limiting our role in the depletion of resources going into producing materials. Instead, we take what is left, which also means that our products are available in limited quantities only. Once a fabric runs out, the product will simply disappear from our digital racks.


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