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Photo: Anna Hagve

We are so proud to finally launch our design collaboration with the Swedish home décor brand DUM KERAMIK. Our goal was to show that you can create something new from something old, combining fashion and interior design in limited-edition wearable pieces of art.

The piece chosen for this design collaboration is the Iron Jacket, a piece from one of our previous collections. Instead of getting rid of the remaining stock, we decided to use creativity to create something truly unique, that only a few lucky ones will be able to buy.

We worked closely with the designer behind the DUM KERAMIK, Siri Skillgate, in order to merge the aesthetics of both brands into this one product. The smiley face that DUM KERAMIK is well known for, has been re-interpreted in three ways: through stitching, drawing and ceramic add-ons. These three smileys give the jacket a very current touch and perfectly balances Scandinavian minimalism with the maximalist trends of the moment.

With a background within industrial design, Siri started DUM KERAMIK as a counter reaction to the polished, perfect and mass-produced home décor. She produces all pieces by hand in her Malmö workshop, which makes them all unique.

“This collaboration with Aéryne has been incredibly fun and inspiring! It has been an amazing opportunity to give a new life to the leftover stock of these wonderful pink puffer jackets” – Siri Skillgate.

For those who follow you on instagram, it’s obvious that you have found your style. How does your personality shine through in your work?

I think my work expresses some sort of spontaneity which is something I can relate to in my own life. I am a very spontaneous person – especially when it comes to making life changing choices. And also that my work is not so polished. That is definitely me!


Where do you find your inspiration?

My biggest inspiration comes from materials and production processes. I get a lot of new ideas by looking into old and sometimes forgotten crafts. I also love going to flea markets and second hand stores, I always find so many strange and precious things, it is like going on a treasure hunt. But what inspires me the most are other makers, there are so many talented artists out there doing their thing.

Aside of art, we would love to hear about your other interests in life, what’s your driving force?

My dog Lilly is my nr one love in life. We do a lot of things together and she is definitely a driving force in my life. My friends are also very important – I find a lot of motivation by spending time with my friends.


Last but not least: We are so glad that you wanted to do this collaboration with us! What was it about Aéryne that made you say yes?

When you guys contacted me it was an instant yes from my side! I love your aesthetics and quickly got a clear picture of how ours styles could merge. Taking on new challenges and especially working with new materials is one of the things that inspires me the most. It has been a pleasure working with the team at Aéryne.

Video & photos: Sofie Håwi


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