We don’t take fashion too seriously, but we do like to discuss more serious topics on our platform. This month, we got the chance to host a Q&A about Aéryne together with Lovisa Barkman on her Instagram @lovisabarkmanLovisa Barkman is a Swedish fashion and health influencer that we admire for her great style, healthy lifestyle and heart of gold. Read the full Q&A below to get to know more about both Lovisa and Aéryne.

Why is it important for you to give back? 

Giving back is always important when you are privileged. I think it's especially important to give back to children and education. When I was in school I made a collection to an orphanage/school in Nepal to help them build a new school. Nowadays, I do my best to donate money to schools and girls in need. It is something that is very close to my heart!

Can you tell us about how Aéryne is giving back? 

They have an empowerment fund, Aéryne Academy, where they are contributing to the education of the next generation of women. They offer a steady contribution to a partnering school in Mumbai, which finances the tuition fees of female students otherwise unable to afford education. Aéryne believes in sisterhood, that empowered women empower other women in return, and that education is the key to independence and equal society. 5% of every web order is always donated to their partner school in Seva Sadan, in Mumbai. 


I think this is so beautiful and I am so proud to work with a company with such great values. 

Tell us more about the girl school that Aéryne is supporting. 

The school is a initiative for young girls to attend school in a safe environment. The girls come from different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common; either they are orphans, or have single parents that can't afford to invest in their future. At Aéryne's partner school, they are given a loving home as well as a chance to evolve. Aéryne believes in sisterhood, that empowered women empower women in return, and that education is the key to independence and equal society. 

What is your favorite piece from Aéryne? 

It's difficult to choose only one piece, but my all time favorite is the Hailey Blazer. I think it has the perfect taupe color and it works so well with the rest of my wardrobe. 

What size do you wear in your Aéryne pieces? 

I wear size XS is all my Aéryne clothes. 

Which piece is your favorite from the new Fall Collection 2021? 

My favorite from the new collection is the Lenora Dress. You can't have too many black dresses, and this one is perfect for dinner, drinks and going out. 

Why did you choose to not share a discount code for this collaboration? 
I wanted to support the girls at Aéryne's partner school instead. If you shop at Aéryne and enter the code LOVISA at checkout we will donate 5 % of the order value to the school in Mumbai. Shop something beautiful and do something good!