AÉRYNE has decided to close the chapter of mass-production. Instead, every garment will be specially made for you On-Demand, with 100% leftover fabric. Together we can combat one of the biggest environmental threats caused by the fashion industry – Overstock.

By ordering Aéryne On-Demand you are choosing zero fabric waste, reduced carbon emissions and making sure none of the earth’s resources are being used in vain. After placing your order, you will receive notifications throughout the production process, as well as information on who is sewing your garment, in order to ensure 100% transparency. When the garment is ready, it is sent straight from the AÉRYNE Atelier, in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary within 10-14 days.

The fashion market is worth $2.5 trillion globally and is after oil and coal, the most polluting industry. Today many clothing brands are investing in sustainable fabrics, but often missing the bigger picture, not questioning the traditional production model.


The problem is not what we sell, but what we don’t sell. Due to mass-produced collections based on uncertain trend analyses and guesses, large amounts of clothes end up in stock rooms at the end of the season, with tons of clothes being burnt each year.  Our industry have mass-produced itself into being one of the world’s biggest environmental damaging industries, while depleting resources, devastating and polluting lands, oceans and whole countries.

“Brands have to start taking environmental responsibility and stop blaming the end consumers. Sustainable fabrics are essential, but it doesn’t change the core problem. We need to redefine the meaning of sustainability and acknowledge the gravity of overstock while there is still time. I started AÉRYNE with a vision of changing the industry, and 5 years later the On-demand system is finally here. The fashion revolution has officially started” – Siri Vikman, CEO