The Fashion industry is worth $2.5 trillion globally and is, after oil and coal, the most polluting industry. The sustainability issue is complex. Fabrics used and the resources necessary for their production play a major role but the overstock problem is equally important, leading brands to heavily rebate or burn unsold goods. With the growing and undeniable environmental threats we are facing, the classic mass production model currently followed by most brands, needs to be questioned and brought into a new era.






AÉRYNE has done precisely that. Since September 2019, we have decided to focus on an on-demand model, by which garments are sewn up only when a customer has ordered them. By doing that, we only produce enough to meet the actual demand for a specific product. All garments are produced in our Hungarian factories, by women that have ethical working conditions and fair wages. It takes on average 3-5 days to produce a garment on demand. We believe that all good things are worth waiting for and are convinced that you will feel a little more special knowing that someone put extra love into producing a piece just for you!

On top of that, we only use leftover fabrics and yarns, limiting our role in the depletion of resources going into producing materials. Instead, we take what is left, which also means that our products are available in limited quantities only. Once a fabric runs out, the product will simply disappear from our digital racks.






As a customer, you will receive notifications throughout the production process, as well as information about who is sewing your garment, in order to ensure 100% transparency. When the garment is ready, it is shipped straight from the AÉRYNE Ateliers in Hungary and arrives at your doorstep in 2-3 days within Europe.

We are releasing small capsule collections every month, to bring new, trendy pieces to your closets on a regular basis. We have short lead times, which also allows us to make a better trend analysis and create more relevant, in-season collections. We do all this without compromising on our sustainability goals, since we only produce what we sell using leftover fabrics. A win-win model for you, for us and for the environment.




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