Aéryne is a Swedish fashion brand with its creative studio located in Paris. The design is contemporary and edgy, inspired by the effortless simplicity of Scandinavian style and the confident individualism of Paris. Aéryne’s tagline is “Empowering Women Through Style” which refers to our characteristic pieces as well as our steady contribution to women’s charities. Please visit us at our showroom on 8 rue du Bourg l’Abbé, 75003 Paris.


Aéryne Team

SIRI VIKMAN  |  CEO & Founder  |  siri.vikman@aeryne.com

LOVISA MALMBERG  |  Creative Director  |  lovisa.malmberg@aeryne.com

ANNA KAMMERSON  |  Digital Director  |  anna.kammerson@aeryne.com

REBECCA ROSÉN  |  Sales Manager  |  rebecca.rosen@aeryne.com

ANETT WETTSTEIN  |  Production Manager  |  anett.wettstein@aeryne.com